Why hire Exquisite Video Productions for your Metro Detroit wedding video ?



  • Over 20 years production experience in Michigan as well as Los Angeles.


  • All videos shot in High Definition


  • Two cameras at your ceremony !


  • We know how to capture all the moments of your wedding without being obtrusive.


  • Highlights video of your Detroit wedding to share with family and friends !


  • Quick delivery of your Detroit area wedding video with customized music of your choosing.


  • Your favorite wedding photos on the DVD case and disc.


If you think a videographer is too high priced for your wedding, then you need to read on. Don’t do without a video of your wedding for fear of not knowing what you need to have or just how much to pay. We’ll take the mystery out of shopping for a videographer. Reliable results come with using the services of a professional in the field.

I know several of you are undoubtedly saying to yourselves “I can’t hire a videographer, I’ll just have my uncle Bill make it happen for free”. Well videography is not as high priced as you may assume, and your uncle Bill really should be a guest at your wedding having a great time and not having to do the job. Videography is one of those fields that has improved substantially by gains in modern technology. The gear has ended up being more readily available, better quality, less complicated to use, and more flexible to the wedding atmosphere.

Like I explained before price is a  factor in everyone’s life, specifically when it pertains to a big ticket event like a wedding day. Allow me to say to you that sometimes some people shell out way too much on a digital photographer, and virtually nothing at all on a videographer. That is not a very good decision. Photography is an essential thing to have, don’t get me wrong, but if you do some shopping around you can manage both. The best part of video is that you don’t have to count on your recollection of the event by looking at motionless, silent, still shots. You pop in your DVD, and instantly you are back at your special day. You can observe yourself and your guests laughing and having a great time. If any of your family members are in another country or state and couldn’t come to your wedding, you can provide the entire wedding on DVD instead of picking just a few pictures.

Exquisite Video Productions

I have been working in the video production field for 20 years.
With several years of photographic experience before that, I have been in the business of ‘capturing moments’ for my entire adult life. My experience in broadcast, studio, sporting and other productions allows me to bring the best of my ability together to make the perfect video for you.
Like painting, sculpture and drawing – videography and editing is an art form perfected over time.
I look forward to speaking with you to be sure I can provide you with a video you’ll cherish a lifetime !

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